Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Other one

A friend called me in the middle of the night.He is in India,so did not find anything surprising about it.

Me:(sleepy drowsy voice)Hello
Friend:Hello,soya hai?
Friend:nahi,soya rahega to bol,baad me karta hu
Me:M*%&$#@$* bol na (:x)
Friend:Me and her broke off
Me:What!!wtf!!??(sitting up in my bed)

This friend of mine was in a relationship with the girl for 7 years.They looked to be a sweet couple,looked destined to marry and start their own little family.I mean,you would assume that without thinking after a couple has been in a relationship for 7 long years.

Friend:Yes,that bitch dumped me(sob sob)
Me:Err...what happened?(I didn't know how to react)
Friend:She dumped me for another guy.What wrong did I do(sob sob).I am so hurt
Me:Yea.I understand

I was never good at offering condolences or apologies or stuff of that sort.I could listen to people rant about stuff for hours with :| expression on my face,laced with the occasional hmm,yea,ok in between.

Friend:No,you don't understand.She cheated on me.She told me about it when we met today.She said we cannot be together any longer blah blah blah
Friend:At the end,I parted her goodbye with a heavy heart.I asked her,"So is there another guy in your life?" She replied," Darling,you were always the other one,always"
Me:(ROFLMAO) Oh (I could not laugh at his face,but I seriously fell off my bed laughing my ass off) Don't worry,everything will be ok.Dude,I need to sleep,have work early morning.I will call you in the morning.Bye(hangs up)


One either has to be blindly in love or be too foolish not to realize he was always the other guy in her life for the last 7 years.I wonder how many 'others' were there in her life though.Anyways,life moves on.Other one...roflmao

Disclaimer:The characters in the story are non-fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is no coincidence


adreamygal said...

Oh..so sad for your friend ..but yeah it makes me wonder and agree with you -either he was too blind or too foolish to have been the "optional" one for 7 years !!! n poor guy you slept before he could pout out his heart ;):)

Amogh Badwe said...

i was laughing for 10 mins before i eventually laughed myself to sleep :P

HeLLzAnGeL said...

LOL...Amogh dis is first time m reading ur blog and i think you got d way....keep it up boy....but dat was nice....