Monday, May 24, 2010

That Night

You left the bar feeling high
Alcohol and memories made you cry
The head spinning,your vision hazed
Staring at emptiness,you were too dazed
You stumbled and tripped on the way to the car
The walk to the parking lot seemed so far
As you laughed while you sped
Your friend screamed,LOOK OUT AHEAD
You hit the brakes,and screeched to a halt
You thought to yourself,it was not my fault
Sitting still,feeling numb and staring out
You saw a bloody body lying motionless about
The sound of the siren and the flashing lights
You get no sympathy for your stupidity that night
Why should you?Is it worth?
To take the life of someone dear
Just because you had that extra beer


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When 'Night Insomnia' Strikes

in·som·ni·a [in-som-nee-uh]
inability to obtain sufficient sleep, esp. when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.

I have been suffering from a different version of insomnia from the past few years.It might be called 'night insomnia'-inability to fall asleep at night.Its not that I suffer from sleeplessness.I can sleep for hours at a stretch.Ask my roomies if you don't believe me.They would tell you that waking me up is the second hardest thing to do in life-the hardest being able to refrain women from shopping at the slightest given opportunity.I honestly believe that a minimum of 12 hours of sleep is important for a human being to stay healthy.I have slept for a record of 20 hours straight.I would not blame my roomies if they thought I was dead or something.However,I cannot sleep early in the night even if my life depended on it.

I think the cause of this habit dates back to school days when I would stay awake to watch 'movies' late in the night.During the college days,I would rather study late night than wake up early morning.Yes,the above mentioned point acted as one of the incentives too :P.During my masters,it became a necessity rather than a habit,given the vast amount of workload.Talking about insomnia,I am the founder and president of the 'Night Owls Inc.'-a prestigious organization,known only to few, for those who suffer from night insomnia.

Rather than mope around frustrated at the inability to sleep, here is a list of 10 things to do to make use of your precious time when rest of the world sleeps(including the society watchman).From the master himself.

1.Watch back to back movies.A movie marathon of sorts.You can watch movies of a particular genre(war/horror),actor(Govinda,Mithun da),types(American Pie types nonsense adult comedies) or entire movie series(LOTR,Rambo,Harry Potter et al).
2.Watch porn.Best time to do it.No one awake,no one to disturb :P.Warning:Do not indulge in movie marathons for this genre of films.Might be harmful for your health.
3.Grab a post-midnight meal.It helps keep you healthy.If not,let us assume so.Because you are going to be hungry if you are doing 2. and craving for pop corn if you are doing 1.
3.Surf the web.Catch up on random blogs,news,sports,social networking websites(facebook/orkut etc) and whatever interests you.
4.Watch terrible,stupefying videos.There is something about watching people do weird and/or stupid things that really blows my mind. That is why night time is the perfect time to watch them. Some of the crap you'll find on the internet is so bad that it'll induce a coma-like state almost instantaneously.Some of my favorite videos I have watched in this phase include Gunda movie intro sequence,amazing dancing skills of this guy,the legendary dr.k chaudhary,watching zillions of funny videos/ads/bloopers/accidents out there and many many more.
5.Install applications/download movies you wanted to for a long time.Internet speed will be faster since no other users will be using the wireless connection.
6.Online window shopping.
7.Study.For those who are forced to.
8.Lie on your bed,stare at the ceiling and ponder over the questions in your life.Amazingly,you will find that you find the solutions to your problem more often than not.
9.Go out for a walk.It is amazing to walk on the silent streets and lie down on the grass gazing at the stars.
10.Wake up your roomies from their sleep and ask them if they are sleeping.Apologize to them and get back to doing any of the above mentioned things.

FYI,this post was posted at 3:58 am EST.

Good night world (in sometime).Till then listen to this

Thursday, May 6, 2010


When I first heard about Twitter,I was curious to know what it is.I first thought it was another social networking website like orkut,facebook etc.But this was different.And honestly,I did not like the idea of ranting about what you are doing and thinking in 140 characters.I thought to myself,"No.I am not joining this ever."

But then,Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar joined Twitter(sachin_rt).And I joined Twitter just to follow him.Things GOD does to mere humans,unbelievable.He can change the outlook of an individual(me).Sachinnnnnnnnnnnn Sachinnnnnnnnnnnn :)