Thursday, February 2, 2012


His phone rang. It was her.

"Hellooo!!!What's my shonaaa doing!!!???", she asked in her usual bubbly tone.
He hated that word 'shonaa'. So cheesy. It was a word for "blind in love teenagers who have not even seen the real word" according to him.
"You know what, today I went out shopping. I got this beautiful dress for so cheap."
"And then, on the way back, I had a pastry at this local bakery. It was soo yummy. But now I am not hungry. And so I called you!!", she continued in her excited tone.
"Hmm..." This was his standard reply during any phone conversation, like most guys
"What hmm. What are you doing? Why are you giving me monosyllabic answers?"
"I am very sleepy. Can I call you tomorrow? I am going to sleep"
"What the heck? I have not talked to you whole day today. Both were busy at work all day. We have not even met for the last 4 days. And you want to sleep! OK, fine. Bye.". She hung up.

He could sense from her tone she was pissed.

Silly her! She does not even know that sleep is just an excuse......

.....To meet her. In his dreams.