Thursday, October 1, 2009

At the pearly gate

There I was,standing in front of a gate which seemed so different,yet seemed so familiar. Then,from the corner of my eye, I could see God walking right towards me.

Me: "God!!Is that you?"

God:"Yes, it's me.Here is my ID."

He showed me his ID. It read "God,CEO,Heaven Inc."

Me:"Oh My God!!!!!"


Me:"Never mind,it was just an expression."

God:"Dude,completely missed you,good to see you here.How are you?"

Me:"I think dead that I am standing in front of you :"

God:"Happy realization."

Me:"Good thing,I was a bit tired of life anyways. By the way where is the nearest 24/7 located?Need to buy some beer before its 2 am."

God:"Its just round the corner,take first left after the entrance."

Me:"Cool, just the way it was in good old Rochester.Take a left and just round the corner..nice. Is NY state license a valid ID in heaven?"

God:"You left it on earth dude.But don't worry the guy in there knows you are above the legal age to drink."

Me:"Hey,is that 24/7 wala Sri Lankan guy dead too? He never checked my ID on earth too...nice. Will be fun to make fun of him here as well when Sri Lanka lose their next game against India."

God gives me a blank look.

God:"btw i have a few questions for you, care to answer? "

Me:"Shoot.Be quick please. Need to reach before 2"

And that is when the conversation got a little serious.

God:"Don't you get angry at me for all the pain you suffered?"

Me:"I was, at some point,terribly pissed off. But in that pain you taught me the meaning of life and gave me some valuable lessons. At some point of time, I wanted to give up. But you gave me the courage and the desire along with the pain to keep me going."

God:"Do you really think I am so bad to be hated by so many people?People blame me for all the bad in the world,but rarely thank me for whatever good happens."

Me:"No father.Its just that you were too kind that you allowed them the freedom to think that way. And people tend to think of you only when they are in the dust, and not when they are soaring in the skies. I have a question though. Why don't you meet people face-to-face? This will help them realize your existence every day of their life."

God:"I am present everywhere. You just need to see me. You can find me in a beautiful sunset, or when I go walking in the woods and see beautiful birds and hear them chirping. I also can be seen in innocent children's eyes, or someone doing something genuinely nice. I answer all your prayers. You just need to find the answer yourself. It is right there. All you need is the vision."

Me:"Ah!!So you ask me questions and then hand over the cheat sheet. All I need to do is find where the answer lies. You give an assignment but you give a sample code. I just need to modify it.Ah, why didn't I realize this when I was alive.You are smart!"

God gives me a disgusted look. I realized RIT had taken its toll on me. Maybe,it was the cause of my death.

God:"Have you sinned in your life young man?"

Me:"Uhh..yes. More times than I can count. But,I regret all the sins I have done. I tried to compensate for them as much I could. God, I am sorry. Sorry for hurting people with my senseless and unthoughtful acts."

God:"I appreciate your honesty son.Proceed.Hope you have a good time in here. You need to ring the bell there to get into heaven."

Me:"Thank you."

I took a few steps,paused and looked back at God.

Me:"You knew I answered all those in hurry.I was really thirsty.Don't you?"

God:"Ofcourse boy!"

I started ringing the bell. It kept ringing and ringing and kept growing irritatingly loud. I rubbed my eyes to see my cell phone ringing. Without my chasma,all I could see is "G....".G??God?What is happening?Am I alive or dead? Where am I? I picked up the cell hesitantly. The voice on the other side said,"Hi Amogh, this is Diana from Gracies. You had a 10:30 shift,you have not shown up yet. Are you coming or no?"

Me:"Yes, I am on my way. I had kinda an important meeting going on just before this :)"