Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My city bleeds (one more time)

Today my city bleeds, for they bombed it once again
Kids lost their mothers, many a household lost their men
News channels screamed - Terror Attack, Dozens Dead
I watched in horror,helpless; drop of tear I quietly shed

Tomorrow will be a new day, people will leave their home
And there will be stories of how the spirit of Mumbai shone
Investigation teams formed, same old promises made
As days pass by, the limelight will slowly fade

And one fine day it will happen all over again
Until we catch those devils, dressed as men
Oh wait, we did catch one earlier - Kasab
What did we do? Fed him biryani and kebab!

How many more should die before we eventually realize
Unless we kill them all, we will keep paying the price
We have had enough dialogues, its time to act tough
Anything else we do, its not good, just not good enough

Every day I fear the well being of my friends and kin
The patience of an ordinary man is running very thin
If war is the solution for ultimate peace, so be it
It is time to flush out that big pile of shit

Eye for an eye might make the entire world blind
But if not now, then when is the time?That we respond in kind
I would prefer to die in a battle, than a moving bus
At least, we will let them know not to mess with us

I have strong views about tackling terrorism, not everyone might agree with those. But then, everyone is entitled to have their own opinions.