Saturday, February 14, 2009


Makes me cry everytime I listen to it....
(If the video doesn't work here,double click to listen to it on youtube....some embedding issues)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Battle of WaterLoo

I came home from Tim Hortons at 1:15 am. I had gone with a couple of friends to have some coffee. Just having submitted a project deliverable at the stroke of midnight hour, I was planning to go to sleep. My roomie was still up doing probably what he does the best - nothing (just kidding Munna). I went to the loo before going to bed. I did whatever is done in there (no yucky details),flushed and washed my hands. And just then tragedy strikes. After flushing, the water started filling in the commode, never to stop. And thus began the Battle of WaterLoo.

The enemy forces had caught me unaware. I panicked, and called out for my lieutenant(roomie). He was shocked to see the water gushing out and wondered what I had at Tim Hortons which made the toilet choke. I told him that this is not the time to ask such questions and dispatched him to get some ammunition and I myself started collecting some. Our arsenal to fight this battle consisted of a mug, loads of classified newspapers which lie around outside our post box and a toilet brush.

I perched myself on top of the bath tub (enemy had taken control of the foothills), and tried clearing the toilet with the brush. Alas, this weapon couldnt stop the progress of the coalation forces who continued to attack in full flow(literally :P). I asked my lieutenant to call up higher authorities (apartment complex emergency phone) for some backup. The guy on the phone asked "Is yours a 1-bath or 2-bath house". "2-bath". "Oh good. Use the second toilet meanwhile since the toilet guy comes tomorrow morning 9 am" and hung up. Thus, we were left to fight our own battle. We cleverly laid the plans (I mean to say papers on the ground). Meanwhile, I had started the use of my most important ammunition, the mug, and stopped furthur damage by throwing the water from the commode into the bath tub. And then, I played the trump card. I closed the knob at the back of the toilet to stop the flow of water. I know this should have been our first step, but we were too startled to think right at that moment.

Slowly, but surely, the enemy backtracked. I surveyed the damage around. It was catastrophic. We decided to cordon off the site of attack till backup arrived the next morning. I was totally exhausted after this battle. I had a couple of beers after this, and went off to sleep. But before that, I needed to use the loo again. You know what beer does to your urinary baladder. Fortunately, ours is a 2-bath room :)...