Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"How about a walk?",he asked.
She smiled and replied, "Sure."

Both of them started walking on the pavement.It was late night and the road was quiet.Neither of them spoke anything but the silence was not suffocating either. They enjoyed the silence and savored each passing second, spent in each other’s company.She held his hand after walking for some time.Both wanted to just keep walking.Walk into the stars they were gazing at.

It was cloudy.Her long,flowing,soft tresses gently moved with the cool breeze which was blowing.Suddenly,the weather changed its mind and rain started pouring!She started running and took the shelter under the big banyan tree nearby.He started laughing and stood right there, enjoying the feeling of the raindrops on his face.She gave him that smile again.He looked at her and suddenly saw something in her eyes.What was it?The same look of love, which he had in his eyes.For her!!

Both of them looked at each other, transfixed on the spot. He took a step towards her.She went a step back.He smiled and went near her.Slowly! Suddenly, she turned away,smiling to herself. He smiled and touched her tender hand.She shivered.Not because of the cold rain,but because of his warm and loving touch. Then she slowly faced him.Yes,he was right!

He could see the love in her eyes. Love for him!
He could see the desire in her eyes. The same desire, which he had!
He could see the longing in her eyes. It didn’t hint any lust, but mere passion!

Both of them came closer to each other.On one side was her shy face,passionate eyes and drenched body.On the other was his pure love,caring touch and muscular physique.It seemed like their souls were going to meet through the lips.

"OK,CUT",the director shouted,"Good Shot,both of you.I could almost feel the chemistry."

The hero and the heroine smiled at the director and went to their respective chairs, while the spot boys cleaned up the so called "rain" on the sets.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Other one

A friend called me in the middle of the night.He is in India,so did not find anything surprising about it.

Me:(sleepy drowsy voice)Hello
Friend:Hello,soya hai?
Friend:nahi,soya rahega to bol,baad me karta hu
Me:M*%&$#@$* bol na (:x)
Friend:Me and her broke off
Me:What!!wtf!!??(sitting up in my bed)

This friend of mine was in a relationship with the girl for 7 years.They looked to be a sweet couple,looked destined to marry and start their own little family.I mean,you would assume that without thinking after a couple has been in a relationship for 7 long years.

Friend:Yes,that bitch dumped me(sob sob)
Me:Err...what happened?(I didn't know how to react)
Friend:She dumped me for another guy.What wrong did I do(sob sob).I am so hurt
Me:Yea.I understand

I was never good at offering condolences or apologies or stuff of that sort.I could listen to people rant about stuff for hours with :| expression on my face,laced with the occasional hmm,yea,ok in between.

Friend:No,you don't understand.She cheated on me.She told me about it when we met today.She said we cannot be together any longer blah blah blah
Friend:At the end,I parted her goodbye with a heavy heart.I asked her,"So is there another guy in your life?" She replied," Darling,you were always the other one,always"
Me:(ROFLMAO) Oh (I could not laugh at his face,but I seriously fell off my bed laughing my ass off) Don't worry,everything will be ok.Dude,I need to sleep,have work early morning.I will call you in the morning.Bye(hangs up)


One either has to be blindly in love or be too foolish not to realize he was always the other guy in her life for the last 7 years.I wonder how many 'others' were there in her life though.Anyways,life moves on.Other one...roflmao

Disclaimer:The characters in the story are non-fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is no coincidence

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kissed by a dream

I was kissed by a dream after I met you
The reason to live my life is nothing but you
To turn the dream into reality is all I care
I won't at any cost let it go up in a flare

Agreeing with you knowing you are not always right
Just to watch you sleep,I would stay up all night
Why would a rationalist like me do such things,you tell me?
If it wasn't for a sweet,sweet dream which I see is such a beautiful dream,what can i say
The sunshine glows in my heart like early month of May
The sadness and despair which once followed me like a shadow
Has been replaced by stars in the sky as seen from the meadow

I have known the peace of love,and the tumult too
They complete each other like sun and moon
And in their collected beam,I hold hands with you
I am kissed by a dream,but so are you.