Monday, March 8, 2010

Kissed by a dream

I was kissed by a dream after I met you
The reason to live my life is nothing but you
To turn the dream into reality is all I care
I won't at any cost let it go up in a flare

Agreeing with you knowing you are not always right
Just to watch you sleep,I would stay up all night
Why would a rationalist like me do such things,you tell me?
If it wasn't for a sweet,sweet dream which I see is such a beautiful dream,what can i say
The sunshine glows in my heart like early month of May
The sadness and despair which once followed me like a shadow
Has been replaced by stars in the sky as seen from the meadow

I have known the peace of love,and the tumult too
They complete each other like sun and moon
And in their collected beam,I hold hands with you
I am kissed by a dream,but so are you.

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Hoshang said...

Good One Amogh!!