Monday, August 15, 2011

Premier League teams in school

-Manchester United is the type of student who jokes a lot in class,but always tops the exam by hook or by crook.
-Arsenal is the type of student who keeps on failing exams but his dad always tells him "my son, am sure you will pass the next time".
-Chelsea is that kid who is disillusioned at school and can't achieve much because a kid whose father is richer has joined the school.
-Man City is the rich, arrogant, spoilt brat.
-Liverpool is that kid whose only pride in attending classes is because his grandfather sued to be a bright student.
-Spurs is the type of student who thinks he is clever and smart, but in reality is a dimwit and never passes a single exam.
-Aston Villa is the type of student who is really nice. No one hates him, but no one is best friends with him either.
-Wigan is the type of student who everyone expects to fail each year, but somehow miraculously manages to pass each time.
-Stoke is the big and ugly class bully who likes to rough everyone up.
-Rest of the teams are the middle and backbenchers who no one really cares about.