Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back on road

I drove my loving Alto on Mumbai roads after so long. Here are the 10 things by which you know you are back on the Mumbai roads.(Note: These are my own personal observations and I do not claim any responsibility if you think it as your own thought in motion)

- Bhaiyya rickshawalas.
- Traffic.
- You honk at least once every 2 minutes.
- You abuse at least once every 3 minutes.
- Your mom(and all females in general) still drives the same horrid way
- You feel a strong urge to break traffic signals and signs just for the sake of it.
- Western Express highway is still jammed because of some road work.
- You see signs reading "Work in Progress.Please bear with us" everywhere.
- People strolling in the middle of the road, and giving a sheepish grin after being abused and honked at.
- 93.5 Red FM....Bajate Rahoooooooo.

1 comment:

soul.singer said...

soooo trueeee...

first think that hit me hard ws d traffic

no rules
no lanes
no signals

n ppl strolling even ven cars r doing 60