Tuesday, January 11, 2011

U for Unique,U for Useful

I saw this image somewhere on the internet today. It really made me think. A lot.

How many times have we heard someone say "He is special,because he is unique" or "His uniqueness is an asset" or something similar. Special he may be, but being an asset or being useful is questionable and depends on many circumstances. Your uniqueness has nothing to do with how attractive you are, how well you do your job, or how much of an asshole you are. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Your usefulness is probably directly related to how well you fit into the surroundings and work together with others. A square peg amongst thousands of round pegs is unique alright, but it is ineffective when it is put in a round hole. Using your uniqueness to be useful is what matters the most.

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akshata said...

i like the last line!! it totally makes sense.. :)