Monday, May 24, 2010

That Night

You left the bar feeling high
Alcohol and memories made you cry
The head spinning,your vision hazed
Staring at emptiness,you were too dazed
You stumbled and tripped on the way to the car
The walk to the parking lot seemed so far
As you laughed while you sped
Your friend screamed,LOOK OUT AHEAD
You hit the brakes,and screeched to a halt
You thought to yourself,it was not my fault
Sitting still,feeling numb and staring out
You saw a bloody body lying motionless about
The sound of the siren and the flashing lights
You get no sympathy for your stupidity that night
Why should you?Is it worth?
To take the life of someone dear
Just because you had that extra beer



adreamygal said...

imporant message wrapped wonderfully into poem :) Wonderful ! :)

Amogh Badwe said...

thanks :)
i hope ppl get the msg and follow it