Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Final Leap

As I stroll towards the ledge,
I stop,and gaze down off the edge.
Life and its pressures I cannot stand,
I cannot fulfill this constant demand.
I no longer want to breathe this air,
I have been treated unjust and unfair.
Beneath the smiles,kisses and hugs so close,
Lies a heart burning with hatred and remorse.
I do not fear death,for I am its comrade,
I want to walk with it in the final parade.
As I close my eyes and consume my fears,
I draw a blank,leap and shed my final tears.

1 comment:

adreamygal said...

Wonderful !!! Quite touching !! I love dit ..found it more synonmous because one of my best friend is going thru thsi same !!!