Sunday, July 26, 2009

Murphy's Laws

Most of us are familiar with Murphy's Law."If anything can go wrong,it will".In our daily lives,the above statement holds true without us realizing it.Here are some of the Murphy's Laws I have observed:
1. Sugar gets over only when you are making tea(and not when you are making kheer).
2. Toilet paper roll always gets over when you take a dump in the morning(not any other time of the day).
3. Your cell phone battery always drains out when you are in middle of a call.
4. People ping you only when you are busy.
5. Your boss will give you work when you are about to leave the office.
6. Your boss is already in the office when you are late,and never there when you are on time.
7. If you are following a friend's car for directions,you will stop at the red light while he zooms away on yellow.
8. Bugs will appear in one part of a working program when another unrelated part is modified.
9. Your installation/download will encounter some error/loss of internet connectivity when it is about 90% complete.
10. Your internet connection is always crappy when you are submitting an assignment/online exam.
11. You wake up earlier than usual during vacations(I don't think it holds true for me though :P)
12. Cop cars are always present where you least expect them to be.
13. All urinals are taken when you need to take a piss real bad.
14. If you are running late,the bus is too.
15. If you arrive early at the bus stop, the bus is never on time.
16. Someone puls out his car from the nearest parking lot after you have parked your car in the farthest parking lot.
17. If you are having a bad day in the field,the ball will follow you(Yes,cricket here too).
18. The elevator is always going up when you want to go down.And converse.
19. Severity of the itch is proportional to the difficulty of reaching it. More the difficulty,more the itch.
20. If you are looking for something,you will never find it inspite of searching for over half an hour.But someone else will come in and find the same within a minute.
21. The lane you shift to in a multi-laned highway always seems to be the slowest.


$uparna said...

lol.. good one!
@1- we have lots of sugar in the house! ur making kheer tonight!! :P
@10- internet connection is always crappy in 1868-2 !! hehe...

sakshar said...