Saturday, January 24, 2009

Intimate moments

She was just inches away from a really personal part of my anatomy. She was looking straight into my eyes and I was looking into hers. I had no idea what she was thinking,but for me this was the first time being in a situation like this. I had read about it, heard about it and even seen it a couple of times; but never been a part of it until today. She was breathing hard, so was I. I thought to myself...Is this really gonna happen??? I expected this moment since the time she moved in next door,but didn’t expect it to happen this soon. Should I just stay like this or move away? The latter was hardly an option.

There I was standing helplessly with two grocery bags in both my hands with my neighbor’s dog sniffing all over me. And this lady nonchalantly walks towards me,and says with a smile…don’t worry she wont bite. Yea right!!What the fuck should I do incase she does..BITCH. I almost blurted it out, but abreast of the compromising position I was in, I stayed quiet. And the bitch was not intended to be for the owner, but for the actual one.

All you dog owners, if you are listening, LEASH YOUR DOGS. Contrary to what you may think, they actually bite. They have been designed to bite…then why wont they? They don't have those razor-sharp teeth just for nothing. I really have nothing against dogs(only if I am at a safe distance away). In fact I love them. I think about them many a times in my life. Every time a professor gives my assignment/exam marks, I go "Damn..son of a bitch". Every time my boss orders me to complete the work within the next two hours,I go "Saala kutta". Whenever I see a female driver driving in the horrendous way typical to the female species, I go "Bitch!!". This is not all…whenever I do a self-appraisal of my life, I go "Ya right! It’s a dog’s life".

And ofcourse, we have a certain mr.pqR obsessed with dogs. Every example of his has the dogs Fido and Fifi who have tags, are given bones and stay in doghouses colored red,green and yellow. (If by any chance that person is reading this, I am screwed :P)

Going back to my intimate moments with her (her name was Vicky,just incase you are curious), this was the first among many. However, none of those moments felt the same way as this. Maybe because I knew later, that she does not bite :)

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nikhil said...

nice post buddy... full to Bollywood ishtyle :)